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Hello and Welcome

Hi, this is Milla, my daugher. I am Birgit, the founder of Over the Oean. Together with Milla’s dad Raul and our dog Charlie, we live in San Fransisco, in a typical Victorian cottage. Still everyone thinks our home looks very European. Well, we are from Munich and even though we love California, our European culture is expressed in the way we live.

After working more than 10 years in product management for several fashion brands it was San Francisco that inspired me to share with you what inspires me in the European way of life.

The Over The Ocean site will launch end of August. But for the next few weeks I will be traveling in Europe. What a perfect time to start my blog!

You can follow me here on my vacation in Portugal, we will spend some time in a little village in the south of Portugal which is kind of our 3rd home before we head up to Lisbon. From Lisbon I will continue to Paris to see the new collections of my favorite kids wear brands at Playtime and KID Paris. And of course to get back to my favorite spots in Paris (I have to admit I love going to the same hotel, bakeries, cafés, boutiques… over and over again). From Paris to Berlin for the photo shoot of my wonderful muse Anna Cor and her family. Then to another interesting city in Germany, very different from Berlin though, Munich. The city I had lived in for many years, where I met my husband and where our daughter was born. Also the city we plan to move back to one day.

What a beautiful and exciting journey – not only my travel in Europe but moreover the journey of Over The Ocean! I am happy that you join me - Hello and Welcome! B

  • July 02, 2015
    Birgit says...

    Thank you Vera! I really look forward to the photoshooting with Anna and of course I will share…
    kind regards,

  • July 02, 2015
    VEra fRanz says...

    I like how you dress your beautiful daughter Very muCh, i am curious what your favourite brands are? Oh & you do a photoshoot with anna?I adore her style and her beautiful home and kids. Please share ?. Best wishes, Vera

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