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Best Kids Outfits for the Holiday Season

Only a 3 more weeks until the holidays! Have you also already wondered what your children could wear during this festive season? Something beautiful for these special days when the family comes together, something you love to remember when you will look at the pictures in many years from now, but also something your children feel comfortable in and that they can wear not only for special occasions, right? I looked through my collection and have some suggestions for you!

Babys...  - is it maybe even your baby's first year?! So many cute options! For baby girls I love a cute blouse with bloomers and cozy tights. Yellow pelota is one of my favorite labels with their nostalgic but contemporary style. The collar blouse is one of their signature pieces and we have it in vintage pink and eggshell. They look so good with the linen bloomers or the balloon trousers! If you prefer a one-piece, the vest jumper is simply adorable, I love all three colors blue, green grey and vintage pink! Another brand that is just perfect for a romantic baby outfit is of course Tocoto Vinatage. Look at their Baby Check Dress (could be your baby's first dress!) or the little lace blouse in toffee with the flowery bloomer! A third label I would like to bring to your attention for babies is Omibia - excellent craftsmanship, sustainable business principles and attention to detail are key values in the design process and the baby styles like the Petal Dress and the soft cardigans are perfect for the holidays. Don't forget to round everything up with up with a cute baby hat when you go for a walk (check these: Tocoto pompom hat, yellow pelota folk hat, LCF velvet bonnet).

Baby girl holiday outfits

Wait, I did not mention Bobo Choses so far! I think the three baby princess dresses (VichyTide and Deep Sea) are all stunners (and would be great with the shimmering Octopus cardigan)!

baby girl bobo choses Black Friday

To have your little baby boy feel comfortable and look adorable during the holidays I recommend the one-piece from FUB Denmark, this grey knit overall by FUB is cozy, warm and is inspired by classic vintage Scandinavian silhouettes. The corduroy overall from Macarons is another stunning (and a piece that should be passed on to siblings for future holidays)! Our boy shirts from poudre organic are also super comfortable for the little ones and make a cool outfit with slouchy pants like the Micky pants from Buho or Macarons reversible crash pants. There is also nothing more heart-warming than a little baby in a cozy knitted sweater or cardigan: a cool one is the one with the sailing boats from Bobo Choses, a minimalist piece is the Luli sweater from Belgian label treehouse or the classical cardigan in navy blue from Marie Morenz Munich.

holiday outfits baby boys

For girls: the ones who know me and have followed me and Milla along on instagram know what my daughter loves pants and jumpsuits or overalls and I am super happy with that - usually - but for the holidays I think there is nothing more beautiful than a dress for a girl. Little Creative Factory has some stunning dresses: take the Rose Velvet Dress - such a unique and gorgeous dress in chestnut velvet. Take her to the Nutcracker in this beauty or dress her up for the holiday photos - either way, this dress will make so many special memories! I also love their Polinas Apron Dress - a gorgeous wrap layering dress in linen with black ribbon ties. For some color choose the Lucia Dress in Rust - so flowy and feminine. For little girls the linen dress with the little lace collar from yellow pelota is adorable as well as the their gathered denim dress. I think this dark denim looks very elegant, but right for a child, and you can add some color with tights from Collegien or from Bobo Choses.

holiday dressed for girls

Colorful tights are also great with the Miranda Dress from Nobonu in navy - minimal, timeless and in highest quality cotton flannel - this dress is perfect for the holidays (and actually school days too!). And if your girl is 6 years or older have a look at Polder Paris. The silver Celia dress is pure glitter magic and also their signature dress Carlotta in elegant noir with embroidered trims is perfect for a holiday party! I also love how they style it with black stockings and converse!

dresses for the holiday season

One last suggestion for girls: suspender skirts like the iconic ones from Milou Pilou (so cute with a classic blouse) or the grey tulle skirt from Tocoto Vintage: it's so special, it's hard to compare it with any other piece this season!  One of our favorite outfits for thanksgiving, a matinee, or a roller skating birthday party! ;-)

skirts girls

For boys: if you want to get a shirt, get a comfortable one like the Poli shirt from Le Petit Germain. But I also love a timeless knitted sweater like the striped one with the wood buttons from FUB Denmark, the dark green one with the cool ellbow patches from As We Grow Iceland or the soft ones from Le Petit Germain - and there is one pant that matches to all of these suggestions: the classic but cool chino from Popupshop! Apropos Popupshop: they have the best two outdoor jackets for boys (and cool girls): the cozy and reversible Minnesota jacket and the functional Pathfinder Parka with the warm lining inside (Milla's choice for our skiing trip in December).

boy holiday outfits Black Friday


Sorry these were a lot of suggestions to read through, but yes, there are so many cute possibilities. You can easily use our filter option to find your child's right size. 

It brings joy to look at our little ones when they are dressed up and look so cute (while feeling comfortable!), but don't forget to simply enjoy this time with your family - even if the dress is spilled with soup, the pants get mud stains before dinner is even ready and the hair is all wild ... that's all part of family life! ;-)


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