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Over The Ocean Look Shooting SS17

Over The Ocean looks

Creating our seasonal look proposals is one of my favorite parts of Over The Ocean. I love to mix the styles of my brands and create casual outfits à la OTO for you. 

So far I always took the photos myself and only on Milla and a few friends - in front of a small wall in our backyard! This season we made a huge step forward thanks to the photographer Sarah Hebenstreit from Modernkids!  Since there are so many cool photos from that day - including some fun behind the scenes shots - I need to share as many as somehow possible with you here! 

 Over The Ocean Little Creative Factory

We were a small and super professional team (professional not only in the sense that we are all moms ;-): Sarah, who is an amazing photographer and also a childwhisperer - which really helps for a shoot with 10 kids! Sarah brought her assistant Sandra, herself an upcoming photographer (just have a look at her behind the scenes shots below), she helped that everything ran smoothly that day. Another big helper was my friend and colleague Stephanie. I am so happy that she started working for Over The Ocean because she is much better organized than me and has an amazing sense for styling. Both talents helped a lot that day! So apart from us four ladies there was a bunch of adorable kids with their equally adorable moms. 

Milla Le Petit Germain Macarons TAO

My daughter Milla was also part of the gang and she was happy to have her friends Elias, Noam and Hugo there. For the team it was not so easy to have this wild bunch of kids at once. Good that the day started with the sweetest baby boy Owen and the most adorable little girls Yuzu, Darby, Olive and her baby sister Zahra. As you can see all five of them really enjoyed exploring the playroom (i.e. photo studio), testing our toys (i.e. props), spying out of the window (i.e. our natural light source) and getting lots of attention (i.e. model briefing). 

Darby in bobo choses   The Animals Observatory    over the ocean yellowpelotaOver The Ocean looks

You might have already wondered who this gorgeous red haired girl on the first picture is. This is Rue - and she is took our breath away. Not only that she is simply beautiful, no, she smiled and danced, twirled around, made handstands and compliments on the clothes...  we all fell in love! 

Over The Ocean The Animal Observatory OTO TAO  Rue in Repose Ams 

After all this sunshine Stephanie and me were a bit overwhelmed by the arrival of our own kids Milla, Elias and Noam with their friend Hugo. But Sarah and Sandra managed to keep them entertained in the studio and shoot some cool looks before they headed off to the playground across the street. (Another plus when shooting with kids at LOLA! )

     Milla in poudre organic top & TAO beaver pants  Milla Bobo Choses bag yellow pelota skirt 

Already during the shoot I knew that I would be very happy with the result and I also knew that my graphic-designer Amanda Jane Jones would do magic by just adding some little extras. Wouldn't you like to receive one of these postcards from Over The Ocean?? (If you buy a lot in my store you will! ;-))

a postcard from Over The Ocean The Animals Observatory parakeet topLitte Creative Factory desert dream dress Le Petit Germain x OTOOver The Ocean looks Macarons x Over The Ocean

Finally, as promised, here are some behind the scenes shots from Sandra and Stephanie:

 Over The Ocean look shooting

Chapeau if you really read this blog post until the end. Now I hope you would like to know what these pretty clothes are, so have a look here! ;-)

Thank you and thanks to this amazing team!

xx, Birgit

  • April 05, 2017
    thefolia says...

    Viva la ocean and all children…refreshing to see these styles even for the Littles ones. Wear it well…wear it in good health!

  • March 13, 2017
    tessa says...

    what a great day this must have been. the result is beautiful birgit. absolutely love your shop. xx tessa

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