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bobo choses ss19 to make a garden

I am a fan of Bobo Choses since their beginning (my daughter and Bobo Choses are actually the same age!) and I am very excited to launch their new spring-summer collection To Make A Garden on Thursday Jan 17th. To sweeten up the wait I'd like to share here some of their campaign pictures that capture so well the spirit of this playful nostalgic collection. 

 Bobo ss19 Bobo SS19Bobo SS19

Each Bobo Choses collection is born with a story and characters of its own, making it special and meaningful. This new Spring Summer 2019 collection To Make a Garden is a call for saving the bees by planting gardens. It is inspired by the countryside and it has everything we love about summer - poppy prairies, smiling apples and pears, sweet embroidered strawberries on vichy shorts, floating dresses and casual tees, wooden clogs and - one of my favorite pieces -  a straw hat! 

Bobo Choses SS19

What would we kids do if honeybees were to disappear?

Bobo SS19 Bobo To Make a Garden 

These little insects provide the food we all eat, either pollinating the many vegetables and fruits we eat directly, or pollinating the food for the animals. But honeybees are disappearing globally, How can we save them? 

Bobo SS19 Bobo SS19 Bobo SS19 Bobo SS19 vichy dress Bobo Choses SS19 Bobo SS19 vichy playsuit Bobo SS19 

To Make a Garden is the story of a family that travels around the world planting gardens to make the bees happy. They look on the map for the cities with no green and they go there.

 Bobo Choses Potato Tomato Bobo to make a garden

After all, looking after the bees means looking after ourselves. And the best way to do it is by planting a garden. It does not matter how small it is. The bees will make sure it grows.

Bobo Choses To Make a GardenBobo Choses Geese DressBobo Choses SS19

Make the bees happy. Never stop planting. Have fun!

Photography by Rachel Chicheri, Style by Adriana Esperalba and Mafer Navas, Flowers by Bornay

On Thursday January 17 at 2am PT this collection will be available on Over The Ocean! I hope you will love it as much as I do. xx, Birgit

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