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Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter is a Dutch product and pattern designer with an eye for nature, design and things with a soul. She started her own label in 2008 and her designs immediately struck a chord: paper, craft, rituals, traditions, Nordic prints…it was a success.

Jurianne draws her inspiration from Nature: "Nature is my beautiful, whimsical muse. Never a dull moment! I see berries, wonderful branches, the stripes in the landscape and strange structures in the moss. Everything can be translated into a colour palette, a shape or a graphic pattern."

All her paper products are made in Holland and are completely eco-friendly, the ink is a Dutch developed printing ink based on vegetable oils and the plastic-looking bags are actually made from cornflour and are bio-degradable. Beause as Jurianne says "beautiful is I believe only beautiful if it is honest and clean too".

Great products soon to come