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Mister Bandit

Mister Bandit ® is made in France and inspired by the Wild West! After living 7 years in California, the French designer Jennifer aka Jane, moved home to France after the birth of her nephew. As she was driving cross-country through the U.S. and exploring the serene but incredibly expansive landscape of Old World America, she decided to create and launch her own label.

Inspired by the pioneer era, a time when things were crafted from raw materials, the brand is steeped in authenticity, style and expertise. The designer has drawn on this rich history to transcribe these aesthetics into her collections dedicated to children's home decor and accessories. Each product is designed with individual attention to detail and is handmade by the designer herself, thus guaranteeing its origin and its exclusivity. Jennifer is a proudly "Artisan de France".

Great products soon to come