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Polder girl & woman

Polder is a Parisian label launched in 2001 by Natalie and Madelon, a creative duo composed of 2 Dutch sisters. Every season, polder proposes a strong universe with essentials for women and young girls.

The polder girl collection is marked by the same virtues as polder woman: cool, laid-back Parisian chic, inventive patterns and pure, modern cuts. 

The materials are precious, natural and often luxurious. The shapes are minimalist and worked with a high standard for the cut. The range of subtle hues is sophisticated yet playful. Each collection reveals a palette of audacious and rich textures and colors. Handmade work 
is a significant part of each collection, adding precious details and value to the styles.

The style of polder is simple yet elaborate and since we simply love it for our daughters, we decided to add just a few styles for women too! 

Great products soon to come