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Senger Animal Dolls

Volker and Sabine Senger created their first mouse family way back in 1985 in a small mountain village in Germany. This is where SENGER's toy animals start life, lovingly made by hand using top quality and environmental friendly materials such as sustainably-produced cotton and sheep´s wool - and then sent out to find a friend for life.

The toy animals are meant to create a bond with the child, so that they can take on the role of a trusted companion, offering security and helping development.

Senger toys are not only cuddle buddys but can even do more : the cuddly toys with cherry stone filled cushions can be heated and help to combat sleeplessness, stomach ache and flatulence and relieve tension. The musical sheep is a cute bedtime companion to lull your baby off to sleep. And they all look beautiful and can put a smile on the face of many adults too, spiriting them back into childhood.

For a good feeling and to fit in naturally in your home. SENGER's toy animals are more than just a plaything.

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