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The Wandering Workshop

Handcrafted on the greek island Crete the wooden toys of The Wandering Workshop are ‚toys made of dreams’ that have a story to tell. Their form, color and materials stimulate children to create their own imaginative worlds through creative, slow play.

Jose and Athina – the 2 lovely creators of The Wandering Workshop – are inspired by the clear forms of the Greek architecture, the ever-changing blue of the Aegean Sea, and the fairy tales that Greek grand-moms so beautifully used to tell. “Our toys invite children and adults alike to a world open to imagination. They are envisioned as open-ended toys that offer endless possibilities for creative playing. Bringing imagination to play is the basic concept in our work.

The toys are handcrafted with attention to detail and their materials are carefully selected to be friendly to the kids and the environment. 

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