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WAYDA means comfort and fashion for all ages. The inspiration and design for these beautiful scarfs comes from Toulouse, France. The comfort and look of a natural fabric combined with seasonal colors makes WAYDA cloth a fashion accessory which will accompany you through the years, matching the variations in your wardrobe.

The WAYDA cloth is made from 100% organic cotton muslin. With it's 5 different sizes and beautiful colors, there is something for the whole family. A cozy small scarf for the very little ones, a medium one for teens and adults alike, the long one is perfect for dad and the big one is a beautiful accessory for mom. They match your style and accompany you in any situation, whether at the beach, in the plane or to cocoon your baby. 

It is the best organic gauze fabric that we have found - it does not pill or pull strings, won't loose its color, is easy to wash and very soft - ideal for those who favor cotton rather than wool. Each garment dyed product is a unique item due to its handmade manufacturing in Germany.

I am sure your WAYDA cloth will quickly be invaluable - for yourself and your whole family.

Great products soon to come