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Auris Musical Instruments

Auris – the word is Latin and means: ” belonging to the ear” – was founded 1978 by the Swedish carpenter and musician Kjell Andersson and is known among teachers, musicians and other people with a sense for good sound and design.

All Auris instruments are still designed by the owner and director Kjell Andersson. ‘We make the glockenspiels so that they shall meet the need for true tone and beauty, that every person carries as an inner longing. Our intention is to inspire the player, wake the curiosity and lust for playful musical creativity.’

Along side with the devoted instrument work Auris has a social commitment. Auris employs people with disabilities and assists them to learn a trade in instrument making. 

The  most significant and fundamental goal of Auris  is to achieve  harmony between what the ear hears, the hand feels and the eye sees. This is especially important for a growing child. To have  true  acoustic  stimulation of the senses musically, will harmonize and strengthen the whole human being and increases creativity, intelligence and the capability of learning.


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