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Over The Ocean

Over The Ocean as you have known it closed its' shop in June 2019 because we are moving to Portugal. 

Over The Ocean was founded and run by me, Birgit, with the support of my husband Raul and our daughter Milla. Originally from Munich, we moved to San Francisco in 2013. This is where I founded Over The Ocean to share with the families in the US, what I love from my home, Europe. Kidswear brands that I have known since Milla is born, other well made and useful items that are part of our family life but also inspiring ideas, places and people in my muse portraits and blog. A few years later, Over The Ocean II, with well-made goods from America followed. 

The past years in California had been a wonderful experience and I am so grateful for the inspiring people and supporting community I have met. I am glad to take deep friendships, new thoughts and ideas, a more sustainable and mindful way of living as well as valuable business experiences with me to our new home country. Portugal, the East Algarve to be precise, has been our family's favorite destination since 25 years. (I actually wrote two blogposts about the area some years ago which you can read here.) We are looking forward to living there fulltime now and I hope to share more about our life and work there soon. Over The Ocean will continue in some kind of way from the other side of the ocean....

Herzliche Gruesse—Birgit