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My gift guide for your little ones - and your friends abroad

christmas gifts

Yes, it is this time of year. Milla and me have started to decorate the house with our wooden pyramid and incense smokers from Germany, we have bought a tree (it is still standing outside though) and we spend some evenings crafting and baking. More about this in my next blog post very soon, promised! (Until then you might want to check our crafting from last year here.)

I also already got some gifts for our family and friends and since you might feel like me that this is not so easy (and somehow... Read more >

Le Petit Germain x Aurélie Lécuyer

Aurelie Lecuyer shoots Le Petit Germain FW16

Le Petit Germain is a brand very close to my heart. I love the simple, timeless styles of this small French brand and especially their beautiful, intense color world. A wardrobe crafted from natural materials of absolute comfort thought to fit the life and well-being of our children without sacrificing the trend. This fall winter season Le Petit Germain has partnered with photographer and stylist Aurélie Lécuyer to picture their new collection. I have admired the work of Aurélie for a long... Read more >

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