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Over The Ocean - The Movie

For you.

Inspired by Milla and one of her favorite books 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

Thank you Priscilla, Ken and Ellis - you are such a creative, dedicated team. Professional and fun at the same time - it was a pleasure to work with you! 

Thank you Hugo and family for taking part in this project. We hope to spend a day at the beach again with you soon!

Thank you Milla and Raul. I love you.


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A weekend at the beach

Milla in polder girl dress

Since we live in San Francisco there had not been many weekends where we have not been at the beach. And as you might know, beach life here does not mean wearing a bikini, sunbathing and swimming, it is more about long, mostly windy and often foggy walks, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the beauty of the powerful Pacific Ocean. For us these long walks at the beach with our daughter Milla and dog Charlie are like a therapy, they make us feel grateful and relaxed. 

So this weekend was not much different from most of our weekends. And as most of the times I took some photos, just simple snapshots with my phone. Nevertheless I think they reflect Over The Ocean nearly as good as our official look pictures. So here are a few impressions...

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