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Bellerose is a premium clothing brand for the whole family. Designed in Belgium since 1989! In every garment you can feel their 30 years of experience in making clothes!  

The keyword for every items they create (no matter if for men, women or children) is: COMFORT! A garment can be elegant, sophisticated, vintage or even avantgarde but above all it has to be comfortable and wearable, every day of the week. Bellerose pays extreme attention to details: lining in exclusive house made prints, buttons in all shapes and forms, the stitching etc.

Something else we love about Bellerose is their humor and how they play with opposites: Mixing and matching feminine and masculine, oversized and ultra slim, dressy sportswear or color combos that are out of the box! This is their trademark – and we love it!

Great products soon to come