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Eperfa ist he creation of three Hungarian girls. Their toys connect to the 2 most influential premises in their personal lives: Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Hungary and the hills around Budapest. They know and love their fauna and flora, the houses ... these are childhood memories they now retell to their own children.

The toys teach children about the world around them, helping them endear the surrounding animals and plants, buildings and vehicles. Already at young age they learn how to be responsible for their environment.

All Eperfa toys contribute to the development of children’s different skills.

All the materials used in production are perfectly safe. Most of our toys are created by disabled or socially underprivileged people supporting them to unfold their talent.

All the wooden material used for the toys is sourced from the Danube-Ipoly National Park as Eperfa believes that no one takes better care of forests than national parks, that takes their ecosystem as priority, from the smallest to the largest creatures.

Great products soon to come