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Le Petit Germain

A story of mothers and grandmothers who knit under the magnolia trees in the garden of their family home, children playing and running around, entirely in their world, light, gentle clouds, clothes that are forgotten, comfort and softness, caress on the delicate skin of toddlers, a tender gesture to accompany them in the discovery of the world… voilà the story that the clothes of Le Petit Germain tell ...

Le Petit Germain offers a wardrobe with clean lines, crafted from natural materials of absolute comfort, in an intense and subtle colorama for each model, thought to fit the life and well-being of babies and children without sacrificing the trend.

Designed by Camille, a mother of two who lives and works in Paris. The collection is made in France and Portugal.

Over The Ocean was the first to introduce Le Petit Germain children clothing in the U.S.. It is a brand that is very close to our hearts.

Great products soon to come