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Mana`o Nani

Mana'o Nani is a young concept brand from Poland, designing and producing toys that are made to belong in children's make belief world, stirring imagination higher and forming a sense of aesthetics from early years on. The products are popular with children and adults alike, following the brand's motto: "we're all kids on the inside".

Their Travel Buddy is a soft toy that serves a double duty - it's the best teddy friend at home and a favourite travel companion while on the move. Easily attached to any part of the seatbelt it will protect from sharp edges of the belt or serve as a comfy pillow-like pad. It sticks to any magnet attracting surfaces like fridges, doorframes or railings at the playground which adds a fun factor to the toy as children believe their teddies have magic powers. The carefully designed box makes the Travel Buddy a beautiful gift.

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