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Meet Three Artists Who Make Inspiring Wall Art

Do you also find it not easy to find wall decoration for your child's room? My daughter has an oil painting in her bedroom that once hung in my grandmother’s home. Apart from this painting, however, I’ve had a tough time finding art for Millas’ room that we both connect with on a personal level. 

That’s why I was very excited to discover these young artists who I’d like to introduce you to today: all three women are inspired by nature, childhood dreams, the subconscious, and motherhood. The result is exceptional art that looks incredible in the family home.

First up, we have Chloé Fleury, a French-born illustrator, prop stylist, and paper artist who lives with her husband and two little girls, Lula and Anouk, in the Mission District of San Francisco.


Drawing her inspiration from the city’s colorful Victorians, as well as the origami and paper art of her childhood, Chloé transforms two-dimensional flat sheets of paper into colorful animals, like this pink bunny. Quite a few of her paper sculptures were originally designed for her daughters, who are always happy to help mom think of new, vibrant animal worlds. I love Chloé’s paper animals for their crisp geometry, soft color hues, and cute gold-foiled noses. Her fox has an esteemed place in my home above my daughter’s doorway.


When it comes to intricate illustrations, Marta Abad Blay is masterful. Her delightful renditions—everything from a spiny porcupine to a succulent cactus—immediately caught my eye this summer. Originally from Spain, Marta draws all of her illustrations by hand in her small studio in Amsterdam, and often under the curious eye of her daughter, Mia.

Marta, who has a background in animation, hopes to someday illustrate a children’s book. Her animal and botanical prints are great examples of her work and are emblematic of the beauty that can be found in idiosyncrasies of everyday life. I’m very excited to support an artist so in tune with the natural world. Here are 2 examples of her work in different family homes.


botanical print marta 

The third and final artist I’d like to introduce you to today, Sarah Neuendorf (her Berlin- based label is Gretas Schwester), creates magical worlds through illustrations. The Girl and the Whale, for example, is a scene that inspires the imagination and encourages storytelling.

Sarah makes everything from wrapping paper to belly baskets to rattles, and is deeply committed to using sustainable/recyclable materials. While she may not be a mother yet, she’s an “auntie” to many of her friends’ children. Their children’s books, along with being in nature, constantly inspire Sarah to make beautiful objects like Wanda the crocodile and her illustrated pennants.


I’m very happy that I’ve finally found some great options for my daughter’s room. Which artist do you like best and why? Please feel free to leave your suggestions below. I love reading them!


  • August 18, 2016
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