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Crafting with Kids: Easter Wreath with washi tape

easter decoration easter wreath

Last weekend (one of these rainy March weekends) Milla and me enjoyed some crafting time at home, making a wreath with Easter eggs. We are both not very patient crafters, so I always choose something really easy to make on one day. I remember that I made a similar wreath when I was in elementary school. At that time we used pretty wrapping paper, torn in pieces and glued it onto the eggs. Since I did not have a suitable wrapping paper at home we used washi tape. It worked out totally fine!

What you need is: eggs, a straw to blow out the eggs, washi tape, wooden beads, a wire and a ribbon. 

To blow out the eggs we made one hole at each egg and then blew into the hole with a straw so that the egg white and yolk comes out. It's much easier than making two holes and trying to blow out the egg with your breath. Don't worry if the hole gets quite big, you can simply put the washi tape on top of the hole! We then washed the eggs and used the same method with the straw to blow out the water.

easer crafting blow out eggs blowing out easter eggs 

After this first step we thought it is time for a break and enjoyed the scrambled eggs (with smoked salmon!). ;-)


Then we decorated the empty and dry eggs with the tape. We chose a different tape for each egg, but I am sure it would also look pretty with using only one tape. I usually get washi tape from mt tape for my Over The Ocean packages. But I also had this very inexpensive tape with pretty patterns at home that I got once from Amazon for Milla. The small pattern was perfect for this purpose. Just tear it in smaller pieces and put it onto the egg. 

easter decoration made with kids

With used a simple wire to make the wreath, the wire easily breaks through the eggs also where there is no hole. Between the eggs we put a wooden bead (16mm) that I still had from when we made the wooden star for Hanukkah and Christmas.

easter egg wreath

easter decoration dyi with kids crafting with kids easter decoration

At the end you interloop the wire and put a nice ribbon on top. 

easter decoration

That's it! We had fun crafting together (without any moment where we would use patience due to something tricky), we had a nice meal with the 'left-overs' and the wreath looks really pretty in our dining room! It makes us smile (and a little proud) every time we look at it! And thanks to the washi tape it is not very fragile, I am sure this wreath will last several spring times. 

xx, Birgit

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