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Calling all parents of boys! 15% off with code COOLBOYS this week.

Let's face it, cool and interesting clothes for boys are hard to find. That's why I was happy when I started working at Over the Ocean because even though Birgit has a girl she also has so many stylish and functional pieces for boys. My 5 year old son Ronan has his own sartorial flair so dressing him is definitely a collaborative effort!

My son plays hard and his clothes usually pay the price so I like investing in well made, stylish pieces that will last him through the season. Popupshop is perfect for this with its super soft yet sturdy well made pieces from certified organic cotton. These baggy leggings have been on the weekly rotation along with this cool and soft hoodie with an embroidered skater motif.
My son would wear his p.j's to school every day if we let him which is why these soft and comfortable pieces from Le Petit Germain are the perfect alternative. He loves to wear bright colors so he loves these striped chino pants in melon and the matching long-sleeve shirt.

Incorporating color can also be challenging with boy's clothing-why does everything need to be black or blue?! While my son loves blue he will also wear purple, pink, and red but it's not always easy to find the right shade. Here are a few of our favorite pieces for adding a little pop of color. These striped pants from Le Petit Germain are the perfect shade of pale pink and go with just about everything. He also wears this Bobo Choses sun t-shirt and this tree tank top whenever it's warm enough-summer can't come fast enough! And lastly, the Parisian brand Loup, has some really cute pieces with pops of color like this t-shirt Hori and these mustard yellow pants.
over the ocean boys styles
And remember to use code COOLBOYS from April 8th to 15th to receive 15% off all boys (2-12Y) clothing. Happy shopping and almost summer!



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