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Little Activists

little activists

Are you also searching for hope these days? I find it in my daughter and her friends! This young generation in America and many other parts of the world grows up engaged in what is happening around them. They care about the environment, about equality, peace and justice. Our children show us how to be kind and compassionate. They know that you should not talk bad about others or judge them by their appearance. 

 mia milla 

My daughter, with her 9 years, has marched with many other children and their families at Women's March and March for our Lives. Right after the 2016 elections I joined high-school students protesting in front of San Francisco's City Hall and shouting 'Love trumps Hate.' All this gives me hope. 


I have to admit the past weeks had been tough. The Kavanaugh-Ford hearing and its outcome left me in despair. When I talked with my colleague Willow about it, she pointed at the signs that my daughter had drawn for the protests and (in addition to our anger and fear) we also felt hope again. This is how the idea for this photo shooting came up!

Hope peace

I wanted to show the children in all their beauty and strength and with the messages they want to share with this world. Our children have important things to say, they often know and behave so much better than this president and many other grown-ups and it feels good to see them, our future, engaged and full of love and hope. I thought, we need this right now! 


So I asked Milla and her friends and their friends if they want to participate and draw their own signs for this photo shoot - with whatever they want to say. I also let them choose the clothes they want to wear for the pictures. Instead of a stylist putting 'looks' on them, I had them look though my selections and choose their favorite outfit. The kids loved the idea and it was beautiful to see how much effort the children and their parents put into this project.

Also the photographer, Priscilla Gragg, was into the project right away, despite my very short notice and her full schedule. Her positive energy is unbeatable! 

Let me introduce you to some of these kids: 

 Elias Noam 

Elias (9) and his little brother Noam (4). The brothers often see homeless people on their way to school and wish everyone had a home! Their mother Stephanie Rossi is a very good friend of mine and an amazing stylist and organization talent. She helped me in all the preparations and during the photo shoot. That this shoot with 19 kids and their parents was fun for everyone was thanks to her! 

girl power more soccer for girlsMia 

Girl Power: Mia, Milla, Vianna and Elise. I am sure that these girls will become strong women with beautiful visions. Vianna and Elise are enthusiastic soccer players. Mia and Milla bonded over their love for dogs.

ArcherArcher Darby DarbyYuzu Darby  Yuzu Yali

The two adorable girls Darby and Yuzu have been joining our photo shoots since two years. This time Darby brought her older brother Archer (we loved their signs so much) and doesn't Yuzu look adorable hand-in-hand with Yali!?

Paloma and Orion are both 5 years old and  already 'old friends'. 

orion in bobo choses paloma in yellow pelota paloma in yellow pelota 

These engaged activists, Lou and Elion, joined our photo shoot together with their baby brother Anton on the last minute and we are so glad they did!

The three cousins Amelia, Winter and Hoops are experienced protesters. When they arrived to our photo shoot that day, they were all already wearing styles from my little shop, which really warmed my heart! As well as the close connection between them and their mothers!

three cousinsHoops Amelia, Winter in Buho and Bontonpeace


A big thank you to Milla, Elias, Noam, Amelia, Winter, Hoops, Darby, Archer, Mia, Vianna, Daniel, Elise, Paloma, Orion, Yuzu, Yali, Lou, Anton and Elion and their parents. Thank you Priscilla, Stephanie and Willow for your support and great work in this special project!

I hope that these pictures will also give hope and inspiration to you.



  • November 06, 2018
    Hadassah Jordan says...


    I am so inspired by the message, the children, the hope and viva the love of fashion

  • November 06, 2018
    Melissa says...

    This is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!

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