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A weekend at the beach

Milla in polder girl dress

Since we live in San Francisco there had not been many weekends where we have not been at the beach. And as you might know, beach life here does not mean wearing a bikini, sunbathing and swimming, it is more about long, mostly windy and often foggy walks, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the beauty of the powerful Pacific Ocean. For us these long walks at the beach with our daughter Milla and dog Charlie are like a therapy, they make us feel grateful and relaxed. 

So this weekend was not much different from most of our weekends. And as most of the times I took some photos, just simple snapshots with my phone. Nevertheless I think they reflect Over The Ocean nearly as good as our official look pictures. So here are a few impressions...

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Over The Ocean Look Shooting SS17

looks SS17 oto

Creating our seasonal look proposals is one of my favorite parts of Over The Ocean. I love to mix the styles of my brands and create casual outfits à la OTO for you. 

So far I always took the photos myself and only on Milla and a few friends - in our backyard! This season we made a huge step forward thanks to the photographer Sarah Hebenstreit from Modernkids!  Since there are so many cool photos from that day - including some fun behind the scenes shots - I need to share as many as somehow possible with you here! 

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In Sea Ranch with Bobo Choses

We spent this weekend in Sea Ranch - which is a beautiful getaway at the rugged Sonoma Coast about 100 miles north of San Francisco. I promise that one day I will tell you more about this exceptional place, for today I simply wanted to share some pictures with you. Milla was wearing her new favorite dress and jacket...

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West Coast Craft Street Style

Last weekend Milla and me had been to West Coast Craft - an exhibition of art and craft inspired by the mood and aesthetics of the West Coast lifestyle. Highly recommendable - the next one will take place in November! So while we were there, we were spotted by Katie Hintz-Zambrano...

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